The « Healthcare System Engineering » (Systèmes de Santé, S2S) Research Group aims at developing new approaches, methods and tools for managing and organizing healthcare systems, by adapting approaches traditionally used in Industrial Engineering in order to integrate the specificities of healthcare systems. Healthcare systems considered by the group are diverse: hospitals, day hospitals, emergency departments, home healthcare, telehealth, m-health, etc.

Research objectives can be seen as twofold:

  • Adaptation and transfer of concepts, methods and tools traditionally developed in Industrial Engineering for the case of healthcare
  • Development of specific methods and tools needed for designing and good functioning of healthcare


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Evren Sahin



Scientific challenges are various: healthcare system performance is multidimensional (societal, medical, economic); it is a complex system (human is a key element of this system, diversity and number of stakeholders, interdependence between decisions and system actors, need for a specific collaboration/coordination approaches and models); uncertainties pertaining to design, analysis, simulation and future behavior prediction are challenging. The research in this domain is multi-disciplinary with a clear systems orientation, combining domains such as systems engineering, operations management, simulation and optimization. The overall objective of developed approaches and methods is to create value for all stakeholders of the healthcare system (e.g. satisfy service quality for the patient, take into account healthcare professional preferences, optimize resource utilization, and manage costs related to organization processes).

“Healthcare System Engineering” Research group is constituted of researchers in majority coming from DE and OM research teams. It is coordinated by Evren Sahin (professor LGI, OM) and Marija Jankovic (Professor LGI, DE). The research group is dynamic: numerous collaborations with healthcare practitioners have been developed in past years, and in particular with the AP-HP. Dynamic and strong international research network is developed in order to support and collaborate to address healthcare system challenges.


Relevant events and results in 2019:

  • The team has hosted Dr Laure Gatin. Laure is an orthopedic surgeon at Raymond-Poincaré Hospital who spent a year at LGI (Nov.2018 - July 2019) to design and implement a new healthcare organization solution. She regrets that 12,000 residents of EHPAD suffering from acquired deforming hypertonia, cannot be transported to care centers. Her goal is to design a mobile patient care unit that goes directly to the place of life of patients, while ensuring continuous training to caregivers taking charge of them on a daily basis.
  • Organization by Evren SAHIN and her colleagues of the Fourth International Conference on Health Care Systems Engineering (HCSE 2019, Mother and Child University Hospital, CHU Sainte-Justine, Montreal ). This conference provides an opportunity to discuss operations management issues in health care delivery systems. Scientists and practitioners have the opportunity to discuss about new ideas, methods and technologies for improving the operation of health care organizations.




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