illustration chair

LGI has also organized its activity research through  :


- a collaboration with  irt_systemX
-8 Industrials Chairs:


AnthroPOLIS: Development of user centered eco-innovations in the context of urban mobility systems and their interactions with other urban systems. Armant Peugeot: A chair in partnership on hybrid technologies and the economy of electromobility.
Blériot Fabre: Design of robust embedded avionic systems. Call Centers: Optimization of multichannel operations in modern call centers.
Supply Chain: Supply chain innovation and transformation for enterprise value creation Sustainable Growth: The impact of innovation and of market structures, in particular related to energy and the environment, on potentiel growth and sustainability of economic systems.
System Science and the Energy Challenge, 'Fondation Electricité' de France (EDF) Total: Managing Procurement Risks in Complex Projects.