NAME PhD Subject Jury + Abstract PDF DEFENSE DATE
NAIT Youba       18/09/2023
BELLE Andrea Resilience and coupling of interdependent critical infrastructures: models, optimization and operations Here Here 23/02/2021
WANG Hongping A simulation and optimization modeling framework for the resilience analysis of interdependent traffic-power systems Here   29/10/2021
TANG Daogui A simulation-based modelling framework for the analysis and protection of smart grids against false pricing attacks Here   23/02/2021
NGUYEN Hoang-Phuong Model-based and Data-driven Prediction Methods for Prognostics Here Here 25/05/2020
AUPETIT Benjamin Probablistic model-checking of AltaRica 3.0 models Here Here 23/06/2020
SUN Mu-Xia The reliability assessment and optimization of arbitrary-state monotone systems with epistemic uncertainty Here   03/07/2019
BANI-MUSTAFA Tasneem Multi-Hazards Risk Aggregation considering the trustworthiness of the assessment Here Here 02/12/2019
XING Jinduo Business continuity of energy systems: a quantitative framework for dynamic assessment and optimization Here Here 03/12/2019
ABDIN Islam Techno-economic modeling and robust optimization of power systems planning under a high share of renewable energy sources and extreme weather events Here Here 30/06/2019
WANG Zhiyi Evaluation du risque sismique par approches neuronales Here Here 27/11/2018
LI Xiangyu   Here Here 15/09/2018
HAN Fangyuan Cadres pour l'analyse multi-perspective des infrastructures critiques Here Here 23/01/2018