3 Academics

NAME PHOTO Function KEYWORDS Mail Office Phone
ABDIN Adam islam Assistant Professor Techno-economic modeling, Robust optimisation, Resilience of complex systems, Operational flexibility of electric power systems, Integration of renewable energy sources. arobase SA273 +33
BARROS Anne anne

Research Group Head


Stochastic modelling, Degradation modelling, Prognostic, Condition based and predictive maintenance, Reliability analysis arobase SA279 +33
FANG Yiping yiping Assistant Professor Risk, Reliability and resilience assessment, Optimization, Complex engineering systems, Critical infrastructure, Uncertainty quantification, Stochastic and robust optimization arobase SA277 +33
LAME Guillaume lame Assistant Professor Health services research, Healthcare operations management, Problem structuring methods arobase SA269  
PUCHINGER Jakob jakob



Urban mobility, Transport optimization, Combinatorial optimization, Exact and heuristic optimization methods, Operations research arobase SA243 +33
ZENG Zhiguo zeng Assistant Professor Reliability, Dynamic risk analysis, Prognostics and health management, Uncertainty quantification arobase SA271 +33


5 PhD Candidates

NAME PHOTO PhD Subject START Mail Office
LI Rui rui

Modeling of a 5G (or B5G) network to estimate its capacity to meet the resilience requirements of verticals


01/10/2020 arobase SA249
NAIT BELAID Youba youba Quantification de la Résilience des Réseaux Electriques Intelligents 20/04/2020 arobase SA249
ROUX Matthieu MRoux Optimization of scheduled maintenance operations for complex industrial systems. 18/01/2021 arobase SA249
SAYAD Khaled khaled Information Sharing Based Coordination of Interdependent Systems 01/10/2020 arobase SA249
SUN Yang Suny Intégration Humain-Systèmes basée sur des modèles (Model-Based Human Systems Integration: MB-HSI) 01/03/2022 arobase SA249