3 Academics

NAME PHOTO Function KEYWORDS Mail Office Phone
ABDIN Adam islam Assistant Professor Techno-economic modeling, Robust optimisation, Resilience of complex systems, Operational flexibility of electric power systems, Integration of renewable energy sources. arobase SA273 +33
BARROS Anne anne

Research Group Head


Stochastic modelling, Degradation modelling, Prognostic, Condition based and predictive maintenance, Reliability analysis arobase SA279 +33
FANG Yiping yiping Assistant Professor Risk, Reliability and resilience assessment, Optimization, Complex engineering systems, Critical infrastructure, Uncertainty quantification, Stochastic and robust optimization arobase SA277 +33
ZENG Zhiguo zeng Assistant Professor Reliability, Dynamic risk analysis, Prognostics and health management, Uncertainty quantification arobase SA271 +33


5 PhD Candidates

NAME PHOTO PhD Subject START Mail Office
LI Rui rui

Modeling of a 5G (or B5G) network to estimate its capacity to meet the resilience requirements of verticals


01/10/2020 arobase SA249
NAIT BELAID Youba youba Quantification de la Résilience des Réseaux Electriques Intelligents 20/04/2020 arobase SA249
ROUX Matthieu MRoux Optimization of scheduled maintenance operations for complex industrial systems. 18/01/2021 arobase SA249
SAYAD Khaled khaled Information Sharing Based Coordination of Interdependent Systems 01/10/2020 arobase SA249
SUN Yang Suny Intégration Humain-Systèmes basée sur des modèles (Model-Based Human Systems Integration: MB-HSI) 01/03/2022 arobase SA249