The Industrial Engineering (IE) Research Department (Laboratoire Génie Industriel, LGI)  is one of the 16 Research Units of CentraleSupélec, a member of the University Paris-Saclay. It studies production, activity or socio-technical systems along their life cycles.These systems are engineered by humans and must be observed, diagnosed, exploited, regulated, maintained and recycled. It is composed of 79 people  divided into 4 research groups:

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LGI is also organized around 5 themes to exhibit and encourage cross-functional and collaborative inter-group activities. These themes are each driven by a duo of academic.

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Finally, the 3rd organizational layer of LGI is its set of 11 research chairs supported by companies.




79 members

  •    Faculties: 26
  •    Doctorates: 42
  •    Postdoctorales: 6
  •   Technical and administratives staff: 5

Journals Papers in 2020: 35

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