NAME PhD Subject Jury + Abstract PDF DEFENSE DATE
MANSOUR SALAME Joseph M Environmental performance as value creation in a company: the case of SNCF Réseau Here Here 20/04/2023
KILANI Meriam Multiple product-project decisions coordination support: application to oil and gas development projects Here Here 13/02/2023
CAMARA DIT PINTO Stélian Here 26/09/2022
IUSKEVICH Ilia Here 12/04/2022
SALEHY Yasmine Knowledge model and design space exploration of sustainable refrigeration systems: Application to the integrated design of suppermarket refrigeration systems Here Here 25/01/2022
BOLIFRAUD Sylvain Comment réduire l'incertitude sans les opérations de construction - Focus sur les aspects contractuels Here   23/06/2021
MA Yiming Conception de jeux sérieux pour l’enseignement de méthodologies du génie industriel: Un processus de conception basé sur le modèle en V et une application en ingénierie de l'innovation Here Here 16/04/2021
ZHOU Rongyan Exploration of Opportunities and Challenges brought by Industry 4.0 to the Global Supply Chains and the Macroeconomy by Integrating Artificial Intelligence and more Traditional Methods Here   16/04/2021
FAKHFAKH Sarra Développement des Systèmes de Systèmes Produits et Services - Approches de Caractérisation, Modélisation, et Analyse : Application dans l’industrie automobile en vue de nouvelles solutions de mobilité Here Here 14/12/2020
QASIM Lara System Reconfiguration: A model-based approach. From an ontology to the methodology bridging engineering and operations Here Here 02/12/2020
DAMAK Youssef Operational Context-Based Design and Architecting of Autonomous Vehicles Here Here 16/07/2020
FATFOUTA Naouress Towards a Support System for Simulation-Aided Design in the Development Phase of Automotive Industry Here Here 26/06/2020
SISSOKO Timothé Supporting decision-making for solving design issues in the development phase of automotive vehicles Here Here 19/12/2019
VOSOOGHI Réza Shared Autonomous Vehicle - Service Design, modeling, and Simulation Here Here 28/10/2019
AL MAGHRAOUI Ouail Designing for urban mobility: modeling the traveler experience Here Here 04/02/2019
DERNIS Mathieu Modeling and measuring values brought to host country for assisting decisions in In-Country-Value strategies elaboration Here Here 31/03/2019
BEKHRADI Alexandre Here 17/12/2018
HOU Tianjun Here 05/12/2018
SAIDANI Michael Here 11/10/2018